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ConnectFood offers a step-by-step, food safety plan generator to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act and HACCP. On-Demand plan reviews are available from a national network of food safety experts.

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Food Safety Plan Generator – How It Works

The Food Safety Modernization Act states that the vast majority of food products will each be required to have food safety plans. Brand Owners, Restaurants, Co-Packers, Distributors, and Farmers can save time and money by creating HACCP and Preventive Controls food safety plans with the easy to use, step-by-step plan generator.

1. Enter Your Food Product Information

Brand Owners, Co-Packers, Distributors, Restaurants, and Farmers enter information about their food products to generate a Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliant plan. This includes items such as your facility information, latest supply-chain documentation, hazard analysis, and validation and verification testing.

Connectfood Step_2 Food Safety Scientist Plan Review

2. Reviewed by Food Safety Experts

World class process authorities and food scientists can review the food safety plan to validate and verify safe production practices.

Connectfood Step_3_Food Safety Plan Papers

3. Documentation for Inspectors and Executives

The HACCP plans or FSMA plans can be retrieved quickly with the latest and up-to-date information for food safety inspections, auditors, retail executives, and more.

Start building your HACCP or FSMA compliant food safety plans with the Pay-Per-Plan, Standard, or Premium subscription package today.

On-demand access to food safety experts

A cost-effective way to access highly experienced food safety experts that can help your company produce food safely by helping to write and review your ConnectFood food safety plans.

Getting your company up to speed with the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act or HACCP can be a costly endeavor.  It can be especially challenging for companies that are short on personnel that have the expertise and/or proper training to meet the latest rules and regulations.  ConnectFood’s On-Demand Expert Services provides fast access to a marketplace of food safety experts and laboratories that are matched to your food safety needs at a fraction of traditional consulting costs.  Expert Services include such services as: product characteristic testing, validation, verification, audit preparation, Standard Operating Procedure review, Good Manufacturing Practice review, food safety plan reviews, and also assistance with writing food safety plans.  The ConnectFood Expert Services marketplace is a bidding system which requires no initial financial commitment. Simply request a quote for an Expert Service, receive responses from ConnectFood Expert Partners, and select which partner best meets your needs.  This approach gives food companies that additional peace of mind that they are compliant with food safety regulations in a cost effective manner.

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Join Over 2,000 Companies in ConnectFood – What They Are Saying:

“ConnectFood has completely revolutionized and expedited the food safety planning process. It’s easy to use, less time consuming, with fast access to experts. The industry has been in need of something like this for years.”

Adam LejaFounder, LemonesseDrinkesse

“ConnectFood Expert Services helped us quickly update our food safety documentation for our Whole Foods supplier audit at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting.”

Allel AimicheOwnerCoconut King, LLC

“As an individual health consultant, ConnectFood made the food safety planning process fun and easy!  Their support was quick to respond to my needs.”

Firmiana EganOwner4 Me To You

About Us – Our Mission

To make the food innovation and food safety experience extraordinary.

ConnectFood is on a mission to make the food innovation and safety experience extraordinary. We combine unmatched expertise on the latest rules and regulations with the latest in online technologies to make an accessible and cost-effective solution for companies of any size. For food experts and regulators, we offer the ability to collaborate and reach all levels of the industry.

The ConnectFood Team is a group of food safety and food innovation experts, including specialty scientists, researchers, field experienced professionals, and legal and regulatory analysts. These are people with worldly experience not only in technology, but in the food industry. To create this library of knowledge, we’ve brought together university professors, owners of businesses, government regulators, and other food experts.

Based in Chicago, IL, ConnectFood was founded by entrepreneurs who believed that any size company should have the opportunity to start, run, grow, and safely produce new food products.

Start building your HACCP or FSMA compliant food safety plans with either the Pay-Per-Plan, Standard, or Premium subscription package today.

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