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ConnectFood Product Safety Reviews offers a step-by-step approach to document food processes and ensures compliance quickly and easily. You not only save them time, you simplify the preparation of safe foods and ensure data entry is completely accurate.

ConnectFood is a cost effective solution for farmers, product owners, and co-packers for safety reviews of new food products. A food safety product review is required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for acidified and low-acid foods (i.e., hot sauces, marinara sauces, pickled products) to ensure processing requirements and safety factors are met and products are safe for consumers. ConnectFood Product Safety Reviews offer a quick and easy, step-by-step approach for the documentation of schedule processes in accordance with 21CFR Part 117. This approach saves time and money in documenting the monitoring and record keeping, simplifies the process for preparation of safe foods, ensures data entry for regulatory compliance is complete and accurate, and manages food process documents for fast retrieval.


  • TurboTax® design - save time with fast and easy data entry
  • Compliance with the latest Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules and regulations
  • Quick access to process authorities and experts
  • Documentation and reporting
ConnectFood Product Safety Reviews Funnel

How it works

How Farmers, Brand Owners, and Co-Packers enter their products for review by food scientists to create documentation for inspectors and/or retail and supply chain executives

1. Enter Your Food Product

Farmers, Brand Owners, and Co-Packers enter information about their food products for a safety review.

2. Review by Food Scientists

World class process authorities and food scientists review the food product to validate and verify safe production practices.

3. Documentation for Inspectors and Executives

The generation of risk management plans, HACCP plans, FMSA plans, and food safety letters can be used for food safety inspections and for review of potential retail executives.

ConnectFood is the food safety plan solution for the
Food Safety Modernization Act

Matthew Botos, CEO ConnectFood

About Us - Our Mission

To make the food innovation and safety experience extraordinary

ConnectFood is on a mission to make the food innovation and safety experience extraordinary. We combine unmatched expertise on the latest rules and regulations with the latest in online technologies to make an accessible and cost-effective solution for companies of any size. For food experts and regulators, we offer the ability to collaborate and reach all levels of the industry.

The ConnectFood Team is a group of food safety and food innovation experts, including specialty scientists, researchers, field experienced professionals, and legal and regulatory analysts. These are people with worldly experience not only in technology, but in the food industry. To create this library of knowledge, we've brought together university professors, owners of businesses, government regulators, and other food experts.

Based in Chicago, IL, ConnectFood was founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs who believed that any size company, as opposed to those with only the largest budgets have the opportunity to start, run, grow, and safely product new food products.


The most cost-effective way to ensure your products are safe.

Online Services

For Product Owners with companies less than 50 employees:

  • Risk Management Plan and Safety Letter Package - $399 - payable only upon acceptance
  • HACCP Plan - $599 - payable only upon acceptance
  • FSMA Preventive Controls Plan - $799 - payable only upon acceptance
  • Optional Rush fee - $99

For larger companies and Co-Packers, please contact us at:

Analysis & Consulting

Our expert team also provides innovation and training services:

  • Product Formulation
  • HACCP Classroom Training
  • FSMA Preventive Controls Classroom Training
  • Product Packaging Analysis
  • Food Manufacturing Equipment Services

For any of these services, please contact us at:

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