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Food Defense: A Shield for Businesses and Consumers

In an era of globalization, the world has become a smaller space. It has become easier to travel and transport things from one corner of the world to another. Likewise, the complexity, diversity and dependency on intertwined domestic and global processes continue to grow in the food system. At the same time, there are increasingly […]


Food Recalls: Why We Take Them Seriously

In January 2021 a food retailer recalled cartons of their ice cream due to metal fragments in the product. Only one consumer reported metal pieces found in their ice cream; however, due to this incident, as many as 11,000 cartons were recalled due to the concern that there could be metal fragments found in other […]

Food Safety, Jobs in the Time of COVID-19

How badly did I NOT want to put Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the title of this article? This article is focused on the best practices that we should all be practicing in our food facilities, global pandemic or not. I was torn on the addition of “Covid-19,” but decided to go with the most important things […]

Foreign Supplier Verification

We continue to do blogs on the importance of food safety and the regulatory environment that we, as a food-manufacturing ecosystem, find ourselves. Products come into the United States from all over the world and from many different cultures with many different ways to process food. In September of 2018 FDA produced an introduction in […]

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Last week we talked about the importance of mock recalls. It was inferred that companies find mock recalls painful, but maybe some companies love them. That being said, mock recalls are crucial to the survival of a company if a full recall is necessary. “The Preventive Controls for Human Food regulation requires the development of […]