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ConnectFood Enterprise empowers operators and executives to manage their food safety programs in multiple facilities in a single place

Use the power of the cloud for your operations to scale with you at an affordable price.

Multi-Facility Supplier Management

Executives can manage their supply chain documentation at different facility locations from a central location.

Multi-Facility Records Management

Manage records and logs of food production, transportation, sanitation, and more on desktop and mobile devices. Deploy records and logs to operators at multiple facilities and manage from a single location.

Priority Access to Experts

Get priority access to food safety experts to get fast and affordable expertise.

What Types of Clients use ConnectFood Enterprise?

Larger food production operations that that need food safety planning software that scales with them.

Large Brand Owners and Distributors

Medium and large sized food manufacturers of individual brands and distributors.

contract packers


Contracted manufacturing companies that produce products on behalf of brand owners.


Medium to Large Farmers

Medium to larger farms and farm mixed-type facilities.

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