Log and Record Your Daily Food Safety Activities With Ease

Still using print out logs to fill in with paper and pen? ConnectFood’s Log and Record Management Solution centralizes a company’s information into a single searchable database. Management can easily track who is monitoring operations and be notified in real time of any processes that are out of specification. Have your records and logs accessible in a moments notice for audits and inspections.

Benefits of Log and Records Management

  • Find Records Easily in a Searchable Central Repository

  • Assignable Logs to Individual Employees

  • Log Exception Reporting and Notifications to Management

  • Automated Corrective Action Forms

  • Connected with the ConnectFood Food Safety Plan Generator

Highlighted Log and Record Forms

  • Allergen Monitoring Log
  • Break Area Cleaning Log
  • Checklist – Receiving and Loading
  • Checklist – Storage
  • Cooking Log
  • Cooling Log
  • Temperature Tracking – Loading
  • Temperature Tracking – Receiving
  • Thermometer Accuracy Log

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Records and Log Management

“Accurate record keeping is an essential part of a successful controls system. Implementation records document the actual implementation of the Food Safety Plan (HACCP or Preventive Controls). In other words, implementation records demonstrate that you did what you were supposed to do. Examples of implementation records include, where applicable, records that document the actual monitoring of controls, corrective actions taken, different verification activities performed, validation activities performed (if needed), the supply chain program checks and applicable training records…..The information must be recorded at the time it is observed. In other words, it is not acceptable to walk out on to the production floor, observe practices and then go back to an office to record the observations. To comply with the regulations, the information needs to be recorded at the same time the activity is being performed. The records need to include enough detail to provide a history of the work performed.” – Food Safety Preventive Control Alliance Human Food Course Training Manual.

Access on Desktop or Mobile Devices

Record scientific, supply chain, sanitation, allergen, controls, and easier and more accurately than paper.

  • Enter log data anywhere

    Enter data on either desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

  • Dashboard shows daily and weekly log entry assignments

    Keep track of what logs are your list for the day.

  • Each log signed automatically

    Report more accurate records with electronic signatures and date / time stamps.

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Records Tracking Report

As a manager, always be in the know of your food safety operations with digital record tracking.

  • Management can access ‘out of specification’ reports and notifications

    Management can get notified on the app and by email when log a value is reported out of the desired specific.

  • Management pending approval tracking.

    Management can approve or disapprove any individual log identified as ‘out of specification’.

  • Corrective action form workflows

    Automate corrective action form requests. For high priority logs that are out of specification, a required corrective action report can be generated.


Get Started With Easy and Automated Records and Log Tracking Today!

ConnectFood’s Record and Log Management Suite also comes with a whole set of interconnected capabilities to give you a comprehensive food safety program. Here’s some of the features that also come with the package all for $89 per month or semi-annual package for $66 per month.

  • Automated Supplier Management
  • Good Manufacturing Practices Checklist and Analysis
  • Process Flow Designer
  • Recall Plan Generator
  • Standard Operating Procedure Library