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    Whether you’re a food safety consultant, trainer, or scientist, join a fast growing food safety partner platform and expert marketplace to increase your profitability and grow your client base.

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Use the ConnectFood Partner Platform To Add Value For Your Clients and Gain a Competitive Edge

Do you currently assist food companies and establishments with food safety / HACCP plans? Do you host training programs? Do you sell food processing equipment?

The ConnectFood partner platform offers a number of flexible options to partner with consulting practices, training programs, equipment sales, and more using an online solution.

Ways to Partner with ConnectFood

+Affiliate – We split revenue when partners reference ConnectFood to their clients.
+Partner Subscription – Consulting companies can efficiently use ConnectFood to write and store HACCP / Food Safety Plans for their clients. This enables leveraging Plan and SOP template content.
+Partner Professional Services – We send professionals our client leads to assist in developing HACCP / Food Safety Plans.
+Training – ConnectFood can be used in conjunction with HACCP / Food Safety Plan training classes.

Quickly Write Food Safety Documentation for Clients

Use the ConnectFood Partner Platform to write Food Safety / HACCP Plans, Standard Operating Procedures, Good Manufacturing Practice Audits, and more. Add value to your client’s projects by using a proven solution to write high quality documentation.
Save time on projects by using our library of Plan and SOP templates, hazard database, and report automation for a repeatable process for all clients.

Use ConnectFood for any of the following types of clients: Manufacturers, Restaurants, Distribution Centers, Transportation Facilities, Supplier Controls, Agriculture, and more.

Use the Power of Cloud Hosted Software

Generate More Food Safety Documentation in Less Time.
Use the reliability of our cloud-based system to write and maintain food safety documentation using the latest in automation features. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Plan and SOP Templates

    Use over one hundred pre-written Plan and Standard Operating Procedure templates provided in the ConnectFood Library. In addition, you may upload and manage your own templates to be used repeatedly.

  • Drag-Drop Process Flow Designer

    Drag and drop your food processing steps into place with ease. Don’t waste time trying to fit a square peg in a round hole by using inferior tools to create process flows.

  • Hazard Database

    A comprehensive database of biological, chemical, and physical hazards based off of FDA, USDA, and Local Health Guidances. Integrated with the process flow designer to display visual indicators for critical control points.

  • GMP Audit and Records Tracking

    Use the Good Manufacturing Practices Audit and Digital Log Tracking to virtually assist your clients in achieving and maintaining food safety compliance.

Want to find out more about how to use ConnectFood for your clients?

ConnectFood’s expert marketplace empowers direct access to clients

Food companies and establishments from all over the world use ConnectFood to hire food safety experts. Clients are able to keep their food products safe for consumers, receive help with audits and inspections, and meet regulatory requirements.

Management Tools

Manage multiple client accounts from a single, centralized solution. Track and maintain client’s food safety documentation processes and records to help keep them compliant.


Build your brand by getting in front of clients searching for food safety experts that match your expertise. By creating your profile on ConnectFood, you can built your brand without having to knock on doors.


Marketplace experts are guaranteed to be paid for the work that they successfully complete for ConnectFood clients on the platform. We handle your billing so you can focus on your food safety business instead of administrative logistics.

Food Safety Experts Use ConnectFood to Streamline Their Practice

“In addition to the wide array of interesting clients, ConnectFood’s platform allows me to focus my time on things I care about (my clients and my family) instead of worrying about things like marketing and billing. I love that I can exchange messages with a prospective client on my laptop at home.”

– Dr. Kathy Knutson

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