What’s Included With Plan Templates

ConnectFood Prebuilt Food Safety / HACCP Templates include: Process Flows, Biological / Chemical / Physical Hazards, Controls, and Critical Limits. Also included are associated Standard Operating Procedure templates, Log/Record sheets and more.

HACCP - Preventive Controls Plans
  • Process Flow With Hazards And Controls

    Includes Biological/Chemical/Physical Hazards, Process Controls (Critical Control Points), Supply-Chain, Sanitation Controls, and Critical Limits.

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

    Includes pre-written SOPs. A few examples: Allergen Control, Calibrating Thermometers, Cleaning and Sanitizing, Employee Illness, Preventing Cross-Contamination, Storing Toxic Chemicals, and more.

  • Log / Record Forms

    Includes Records Management. Example Logs: Allergen Monitoring, Facility Cleaning, Receiving Deliveries, Cooking and Cooling, Thermometer Accuracy, and more.

Features Available In Addition to the Templates

In addition to the templates, you can also find these useful features powered by the ConnectFood Platform:

+ Automated Supplier Document Management

+ Collaborative User Management

+ Good Manufacturing Practices Checklist (CFR 117 Subpart B)

+ Recall Plan Generator

Available Plan Templates

Please click any of the template links below to get started!

Plan Templates – How It Works

Loading HACCP / Preventive Control templates is an easy step process saving significant time and hassle to write and maintain your plans.

Kombucha Tea HACCP Template Sample Software
  • 1. Load Plan Template

    Load plan template which includes process flow, hazards, controls, procedures, and logs.

  • 2. Print Plan Reports

    To submit the plan to retail executives or regulators, print all available reports.

  • 3. Maintain Plan Integrity with Logs / Records

    “If you didn’t record it, it didn’t happen”. Maintain the safety status by maintaining records.

Need Expert Help In Addition to the Plan Templates?

ConnectFood offers fast access to our partner network of experts that can assist in writing your HACCP or Preventive Control food safety plans.

ConectFood offers an all inclusive package which includes 30 days of the software free for those that want help with creating FDA / USDA / State Health Department compliant food safety food safety plans. In addition to ConnectFood’s plan generator and maintenance software, ConnectFood’s On-Demand Expert Services provides fast access to a marketplace of food safety experts and laboratories that are matched to your food safety needs at a fraction of traditional consulting costs.