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Catering / Kitchen / Restaurant – HACCP Plans

Use the power of software automation to quickly build your Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan. Either use the ConnectFood Plan and SOP Template Library or hire one of our Food Safety Expert Partners to build it for you at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting to become compliant with Retail, State, and Federal regulations.

Highlighted Catering / Kitchen / Restaurant HACCP templates to check out:
Catering: General Services
Kitchen: No Cook Process
Kitchen: Same Day Service
Restaurant: In Service Operation
Reduced Oxygen/Vacuum Packaging with Cook-Chill and Sous Vide

Plan Templates – How It Works

Loading HACCP / Preventive Control templates is an easy step process saving significant time and hassle to write and maintain your plans.

Kitchen HACCP Plan Software
  • 1. Load Plan Template

    Load plan template which includes a comprehensive package of process flow, hazards, controls, standard operating procedures, and logs.

  • 2. Print Plan Reports

    To submit the plan to retail executives or regulators, print all available reports.

  • 3. Maintain Plan Integrity with Logs / Records

    “If you didn’t record it, it didn’t happen”. Maintain the safety status by maintaining records.

Get Started With Your Catering / Kitchen / Restaurant HACCP Plans Today!

Save time by registering for an account with ConnectFood and loading one of the plan templates to get started. Within the software, you will have all of the components (SOPs, Logs, GMPs, and more) accessible to give you a comprehensive and compliant food safety plan.

If you ever need additional assistance with writing or get a review of your plan, ConnectFood Professional Services are always available On-Demand.