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Access Food Safety Experts and Standard Operating Procedure Templates

Announcing the major release of ConnectFood version 2.0! The release contains two major features:

  1. The Food Safety Expert Marketplace with On-Demand Services
  2. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) templates

In our continuing pursuit to best serve you, these two features help make writing Food Safety Plans even easier!

1. Food Safety Expert Services On Demand!

You now have the ability to hire highly-vetted food safety experts from
our national partner network at a fraction of the cost and at a faster response of traditional consulting services. Average experience of food safety experts is over 10 years in the food industry. You can request a FREE quote on any of the readily available services listed below:

  • Expert Help to Write Food Safety Plans
  • Expert Reviews of Existing Food Safety Plans
  • Process Authority Letters
  • Expert Help to Write Recall Plans
  • Standard Operating Procedures Development or Review
  • Audit Preparation
  • Laboratory Verification Tests
  • Laboratory Validation Tests
  • Good Manufacturing Practices Review
  • Implementation Record Review

ConnectFood Expert Services

Our Food Safety Expert network is composed of food engineers, chemical engineers, food scientists, and others involved in various aspects of food safety. They will partner with you to help you write your food safety plans and perform your hazard analysis. They can help ensure that your facility’s Good Manufacturing Practices (Code of Federal Regulations 117) are compliant. ConnectFood Expert Partners such as Process Authorities can help evaluate the worst-case parameters of your processing equipment. There are so many risk based variables to assess, and a food safety expert help will make sure you are addressing all of them to keep your food product manufacturing process safe and compliant with Food and Drug Administration and United States Department of Agriculture regulations.

For a more detailed description of each service, be sure to login with your account and navigate to “Expert Services”.

If you are a Food Safety Expert and would like to join ConnectFood’s partner network, please contact us here.

2. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template Library

Also included in this major release is a Sanitation SOP and SOP library. These are templates that you can import into your own list of SOPs to modify in order to save you time and start you off with some guidelines.

ConnectFood Expert Services

Well written Sanitation SOPs are the foundation of a good sanitation program. A sanitation program will include training records, Sanitation SOPs, and monitoring of sanitation preventive controls.

The ConnectFood SOP library is consistently growing the the number of templates available is a part of our Premium level subscription plan. Sign up today to gain access to this valuable feature!